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Social Media Marketing With the help of these pages and communities, companies not only reach their current customers in direct communication, but also help them reach their target market or potential customers. SMO / SMM does not increase brand awareness, but also creates greater brand loyalty. In Optimization of pages, as its own name suggests, it is the process to optimize the pages of the website that must be optimized for the search engines. The optimization of the page is very important for websites that must be optimized. Page optimization is a process that makes the search engine of the website friendly.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing, also known as Social Media Optimization, is a very important part of the campaign program of any website or company. In SMO / SMM, the company's website is promoted through several social networks and social networks like facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin and orkut. This creates a fan page or a community where users or those who like that company join that page or community and from there advertising is done. .